HK-BEAM Assessment for The PolyU Student Hostel Phase 3 (Platinum Certification Awarded)
Period: 2009 – 2013   Site Type: Institutional and Residential building   Project focus: The proposed development shall be a student hostel involving 27 storeys providing 1,650 bed spaces, common space including activity/functional rooms and garden area at podium zone (G/F – 2/F), and car park including loading/unloading spaces. The site area is about 4425 m2. GFA is approximate 33,000m2 and the height of the building is approximate 92 meters.   The iDocom System is developed as a comprehensive tool for sustaining a cost-effective management of a building throughout its life.  iDocom contains an integrated building management database (IBMD) which is a foundation of all sustainable management tools.  The basic function of “iDocom” is being deployed in this project to transform all typical operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals/drawings and other information into a well-structured database which facilitates effective information searching, browsing and updating in geographical hierarchies under Web environment.   One significant benefit in term of sustainability is the saving of tonnes of paper uses for printing the O&M documents including the as-fitted drawings, as-fitted schedule, operation guide and training manuals etc.  In this project, the estimated saving of papers is about 2,000 tonnes during construction and handover stages, and would project to save more than 100,000 tonnes of papers for the whole building life cycle.   Project scopes: Acting as an environmental consultant to identify, integrate, and ensure that sustainable design strategies are incorporated into new building construction in order to ensure compliance with the BEAM requirements and to provide advises to achieve the target of Platinum award. Energy modeling, day lighting simulation, lighting pollution and other calculations were performed to support the design strategies.  Beexergy is also acting as a third-part testing and commissioning authority (CxA) to ensure that the energy related systems are designed, installed and commissioned to facilitate good operation and maintenance (O&M) and energy management.  With iDocom implementation for comprehensive building database management, the building would be operated to achieve the sustainability goals and policy of PolyU.   Achievements: Platinum certification awarded